Our key focus is player training and development in all three areas of our listed programs below, helping you with your physical and mental readiness.

  1. Clinics - skills training & development classes if you wish to improve on your ball-handling, shooting, physical condition and strength in a competitive environment through 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5, you are at the right place. We are the best at what we do and that is to develop you into a better player physically and mentally.
  2. REP Basketball - elite-level competition through games, tournaments, and leagues. Open try-outs are available every September for ages from U13-U19 (born 2007-2002). Again focusing on player and team development, prepare you and the team to be physically fit and mentally tough along with a strategic way to play the game at a high level.
  3. AAU Summer Development Program - this is a summer development program to help player who needed to build their confidence through game situation and continue to help players who already has the confidence to master their skills and become mentally tougher. We want to give our players and teams a different look as far as competitions, so we take our teams to some of the popular areas to compete like Pittsburgh, Rochester, Ohio, New Hampshire, and outside of our local area like Montreal, Quebec, one day we will look to compete globally as well. In this program, we encourage players to apply skills learned in the game they play and not to be afraid to get out of their comfort zone and make mistakes and learn from them. The emphasis is not on the score or winning and losing, we encourage effort from every player, leadership and mental toughness within each of them.
  4. House League - this program to allow player who wish to have fun while developing their basketball skills, being with their friends once or twice per week depending on the age group. We accept ages U10-U14 (born in 2010-2006). In order to be able to play the game well and have fun doing it, we strive to provide our players the fundamentals - basic skills such as ball-handling, shooting, passing and basic concept of movement, screening, and spacing in the game situation.
  5. Jr. NBA - we are looking to be on board with the JNYB program with Jr. NBA this spring.  This will allow the younger kids to participate in the sport that they love through fundamental and JNYB program and have fun doing it.

Grassroots Basketball

Our grassroots development platform is designed to help players develop against talent locally like the Ontario Basketball League, sanctioned games and tournaments, and all over North America. It is also a medium of exposure for players that aspire to potentially play basketball and the collegiate or University level. During summer time, our AAU program takes players all over North America to assess their talent against other players throughout North America. We’ve traveled to Rochester, Buffalo, New England, Ohio, Miami, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Montreal and Quebec City.

Grassroots, clinics, camps, and personalized training all include development in the following areas:

Physical & Strength Conditioning

  • core stabilization and strength
  • speed & agility
  • explosion
  • Footwork and balance
  • hand-eye coordination
  • enhanced muscular endurance and memorization kinetics.

Skill Improvement

  • Ball handling – the core of what we do. Being disciplined to handle the basketball in the open court as well as the half-court will allow players to be most effective.


  • Form
  • Repetition
  • Transition
  • Off the ball
  • Off the dribble


  • Transition
  • Pick and roll
  • Drive and kick